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Intimate and authentic tours of the hidden gems of South Iceland

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An intriguing experience

Too many people hurry through Iceland ticking off the “to do” list but missing out on the small things and the heart of the matter. In Mýrdalur, one of the most popular destinations in Iceland, it is well worth slowing down and digging into things just a bit deeper.

Learn more about the nature as well as the life and history of the local people, who live under one of the most powerful volcanoes in Iceland, the infamous Katla.


An inviting Escape

Walk and Talk with My Uncle offers exciting, intimate and in-depth tours that go deeper, and help you learn and appreciate the surroundings.

Two to three hours of easy-going walk and talk with an experienced professional guide, followed by one to two hours coffee/dinner break with locally produced food (optional).

We conduct our walks and talks mainly in English. But we manage well in Danish/Norwegian/Swedish and can communicate reasonably well in Spanish and somewhat in German.   

We can can also take you on a private tour.

Avoid the crowded spots and the tourist traps. Connect directly with nature, history and the local culture.

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 The Tours

The glacier and the glacial rivers have shaped the landscape behind my uncle’s cabin with deep but lush canyons. We walk from the cabin into this wonderland, crossing rivers and climbing steep hills. More info

We walk to the top of Hjörleifshöfdi, a huge rock or an island on dry land, towering approximately 220 meters high above the black sand by the coastline. Its history goes back to the days of the settlement of Iceland some 1200 years ago, it is a story about brotherhood, slavery and revenge. More info

An exiting and challenging day long walk. Boundless and breathtaking views, accompanied by the forces that created and shaped Iceland: fire and ice. More info

A walk to the table mountain Búrfell with a splendid view follow by a light supper, discussion and relaxation. More info

We can also arrange private tours, one of the above, a combination or something different in line with your expectations. Contact us at booking@myuncle.is or call +354 699 2682

Private tours


We can’t wait to see you.

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