My uncle, Tryggvi Felixson, is a professional tour guide with certification from the University of Iceland and with decades of experience of the outdoors in Iceland. During his summer vacations he has led many groups walking through the highlands of the country. As a boy he spent many summers on a farm in Mýrdalur and at the home of his grandparents and aunt in Vík.  This area, Mýrdalur, is very dear to him and he has built his cabin here.

Until recently, my uncle worked as a political advisor in environmental protection, resource management and nature conservation, for the Nordic Council, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Nordic Countries.

My uncle is of the opinion that many of visitors to Iceland attempt to cover too much ground in too short a time. He is concerned that they may be missing some important details that deepen their understanding and enrich their travel experience. This is why my uncle wants to assist visitors in digging a bit deeper into the natural wonders and history of this southernmost region of Iceland, by offering three different walk and talk experiences during the summer months. During fall, spring and spring you can contact him for private tours and tours into hidden gems around Reykjavík.  

Arnar Felix Einarsson,

Manager of Farmhouse Lodge


My uncle - Your tour guide


My Uncle holds a day tour provider license from Icelandic Tourist Board